Brian Powles

Brian is an employment lawyer, who has had many years experience in employment and business strategy. Formerly an award winning chef and restaurateur, he built two successful restaurants from scratch, and has advised numerous other business owners on employment, change management, leadership, and adapting to technology. Contact him here.

Fake News:  Who are the real victims of political misinformation?

In the era of fake news, modern society has never seen such high levels of political misinformation. Whether it has been the Brexiteers‘ guarantees of improbable prosperity for an independent Britain, or Donald Trump’s recent promises to “make America great again”, lazy and untested rhetorical concepts appear to have high political capital.  Anyone seeking to […]

Foodora Update

Late last year the Fair Work Commission made the landmark decision of Klooger v Foodora Australia Pty Ltd [2018] FWC 6836 that found the Foodora driver was an employee, rather than an independent contractor. The decision and its implications were considered in our former article from December last year. The decision has sparked further developments […]