April 2016

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Month in Review - April 2016

An employer was given penalties of $200,000 after the Federal Circuit Court found that he had underpaid two foreign workers by a total of $18,000 in the case of Fair Work Ombudman v Konsolteq Pty Ltd.  The employer’s attempt to conceal these actions behind corporate structure, and his extremely ‘unimpressive’ evidence were both relevant to […]

Are workers compensation laws creating discrimination?

I have been concerned for a long time about the interaction between disability discrimination protections and an employer’s liability under workers compensation legislation. The Dilemma Consider the hypothetical but common situation of a person who has been required to take time out of the workplace due to illness. Sarah has been out of the workplace […]

Month in Review - March 2016

Another busy and exciting week in the world of employment. An employee’s successful unfair dismissal was overturned by the Full Bench in Lion Dairy and Drinks Milk Limited v Peter Norman [2016] FWCFB 1887.  The case concerned a worker who had been injured in a skydiving accident.  The factual issue at hand was whether the employee was able to […]